Jana Kramer Expects Her Baby Girl “Any Day Now”

She Highlights Final Days of Pregnancy in Blog for People

Jana Kramer and her husband Michael Caussin are sitting on pins and needles as they await the arrival of their baby girl.

According to the doctors, that arrival could be “any day now.”

In a blog for People magazine, Kramer chronicles these final days of her pregnancy and says the days truly are creeping by.

“Everyone warned me of this time, that the last few weeks will be the longest, and it’s so true,” she wrote.

But in between irregular contractions, Kramer’s devoted and loving hubby has keep her busy with a trip to get leg massages and a trip to Target, where Kramer says she bought Legos to keep the boredom at bay.

Still, trying to kick-start labor is the mom-to-be’s top priority. Kramer says she’s “tried everything,” including pineapple, spicy foods, workouts with celebrity trainer Erin Oprea (also her pal Carrie Underwood’s trainer) and a few more unmentionable, fun tactics others have suggested.

“We have our hospital bag packed, nursery completed, all her clothes washed, car seats in, and our hearts completely open to have stolen,” she said.

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