Zac Brown Has a Middle Name

And a New Line of Red Wine

If Zac Brown’s new wine is anything like his music, I might have to get a case. Or 10.

But what I think struck me the most about his new wine collection is that Brown has a middle name I never knew in all these years I’ve been listening to his music: Alexander.

His wines are called Z. Alexander Brown Uncaged. So far, there are only two, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Proprietary Red Blend, but Brown says they are just the first of many vintages to come in the project with John Killebrew, a winemaker based in Napa, California.

“Wine has always been important to me because it brings people together and connects them with the bounty of the land. I’ve always believed in putting everything you have into what you create. When you make something you are proud of, there is a special reward in being able to share it with family and friends,” Brown said.

He added that wine has always fascinated him because of its inherent connection to the land and the artistry necessary to craft a distinct and memorable experience.”

Oh, and about that owl on the label? He is there as a guardian of the vine. There are some myths surrounding owls and spirits, but the bottom line is that this vineyard designed special owl houses so that the owls can stick around and do their job of getting rid of rodents that would damage the vines. Their presence means those working in the vineyard don’t need to use chemicals to protect the grapes.