Recap: Party Down South Season Premiere in GIFs

Let's Get It Goin'

And so it begins. Party Down South‘s final vacation kicks off with humor, heartbreak and hi-jinx. If you missed it, or want to relive the wild times again, watch the unlocked full-episode here.

In the meantime, please enjoy a season premiere so-called highlight reel in GIFs.

  1. The whole gang arrives to Savannah, Georgia.

  2. They get it goin’ as one should on the first day.

  3. Surprisingly, Lyle already has a ring on. Isn’t that supposed to happen after the wedding?

  4. Mattie adds to the many fast-food costumes in the house, and quickly becomes a fashion icon.

  5. The roommates trick Daddy into thinking they’re going out on the first night when it’s clearly too late.

  6. Obviously, Daddy falls for it…

  7. Finally, it ends with Tiffany breaking bad news to Lyle. It’s about his fiancee cheating on him. Yikes!

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