Carrie Underwood’s Son Takes First Steps in Florida

Isaiah's Story Was One of 22 Shared at Storyteller Tour Launch

On Saturday night (Jan. 30) in Florida, Carrie Underwood kicked off her much-anticiapted Storyteller tour. And it sounds like it was worth the wait.

She played 22 songs/stories, which lasted nearly two hours on a stage in the very heart of the floor at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. But she didn’t spend all her time in the round. The stage had catwalks from the center of the floor out to the seats, so Underwood was able to give everyone a chance to have a front row seat for a little while.

But for the mothers in the crowd, the part of the show was when Underwood revealed a little behind-the-scenes moment.

“I didn’t think I could love anything more than being here on this stage. I was wrong, I was very wrong. I had a baby. He took his first steps today, on the first day of my tour, in Jacksonville,” she said, according to the Florida Times-Union newspaper. “I don’t think today could get any better.”

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