The Six Degrees of Vince Gill

How He Connects to Pretty Much Everyone

Go get a cup of coffee. Because this is going to take a while.

There’s a new website that shows you how connected Vince Gill is to everyone in the music world — in all styles. And I can’t stop typing names into the search bar. It’s that cool.

“You may be surprised at just how connected Vince is through all genres of music and all around the world,” the 6 Degrees of Vince Gill site says. “Through his four-decade career of playing, singing, producing and making music, he has collaborated with some of the biggest stars on thousands of projects.”

Apparently, it is updated every couple of weeks to make sure it has the latest connections to Gill. His average distance from any other artist is about three steps.

Some are very straightforward: Carrie Underwood sang “How Great Thou Art” with him, Jason Aldean performed George Strait’s “All My Ex’s Live in Texas” with him, and Strait and Gill sang “The Love Bug” together.

And other connections are a couple steps away. So if you’re wondering whether or not he’d connect to Kacey Musgraves, you’d find out that, yes, he has. Because she wrote “Mama’s Broken Heart,” which was recorded by Miranda Lambert, who had Gill play on her recording of “I’m Good at Leavin’.”

Gill’s new album, Down to My Last Bad Habit, will be released on Feb. 12

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