Why Lee Brice Is #TeamAmanda

Singer Performs Goodbye to Jubilee on Bachelor Live

On Monday night’s (Feb. 1) Bachelor Live, Lee Brice was part of what the post-show show was calling the Bachelor Live Caucus.

And right out of the gate, he admitted that he is a fan of Amanda Stanton, one of the contestants vying for Ben Higgins’ love on this season of the ABC series.

It sounds like one of the reasons Brice is #TeamAmanda is because he sees a little bit of his own wife in her.

“She’s got kids. She’s home a lot without me. A single mom? That’s a big deal. She’s got a tough job,” Brice said, adding later in the show, “I’m an Amanda guy. Stability in a woman is a very important thing. At least you know she’s got priorities. If that’s something you’re looking for, you know where she stands.”

Another reason Brice has her back could be that Stanton, a 25-year-old esthetician from Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif. says in her The Bachelor profile, “I love all kinds of music. Pop and country are probably what I listen to most often.”

Brice had his guitar with him the whole time, and he performed two songs during the show. One was a sweet little acoustic goodbye to Jubilee Sharpe, who Higgins sent home this week. And Brice ended the show with a heartfelt performance of his new song “Best Ex Ever” that his brother Lewis wrote.

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