Zac Brown Launches Guitar Project Auction

Musical Artist Collaborating With Visual Artists

There’s a street artist in Los Angeles named Defer who combines graffiti art with traditional eastern calligraphy. His work is mesmerizing.

And now, he’s created a guitar with Zac Brown.

Defer (real name Alex Kizu) and a handful of other visual artists were selected by Brown to create art on a limited series of Taylor 314 ce-N guitars, which is a style that was custom-built for Brown. And Brown has played all of the guitars onstage at some point during his 2015 tour.

The other artists who have hand-crafted designs on the guitars include Casey Ryder, Christina Angelina, Seth Chwast and Mark Dean Veca.

Each guitar is signed by both Brown and the artist.

The guitars are up for auction now through Feb. 11.

The artists and Brown have generously donate their talents so that the proceeds from this auction will benefit Brown’s nonprofit Camp Southern Ground in Fayetteville, Georgia, for kids with academic, social and emotional difficulties.

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