GIF Recap: Party Down South Lyle’s Achy-Breaky Heart

Meanwhile, Daddy Brings Home the Wrong Girl

What a dramatic, yet comically relieving episode of Party Down South. Between Lyle having a hard time digesting his fiancee’s cheating rumors, and Daddy bringing home the wrong girl, due to beer goggles, it was a not-to-be-missed one-hour of entertainment.

Please enjoy this recap, and stream of consciousness, in GIFs.

  1. Lyle’s still in shock and plagued by the rumors about his fiancee cheating on him.

  2. Meanwhile, Daddy brings the wrong girl home without realizing she’s just a rando, and hence, is denied when he tries to put her in the pretzel.

  3. Walt attempts to play, what sounds like the beginning of a Hootie & The Blowfish song…

  4. And, Daddy is Walt’s biggest fan. He “really loves his sound.”

  5. Murray says goodbye to handle personal business at home.

  6. Wait, Murray leaves the house?

  7. Yes, he gone. Let’s just hope and pray he comes back. We need Suga’ Bear!

  8. We learn the ancient art of poofing. What is poofing? Don’t ask, just watch…

  9. Tiffany gets real with Santana, and almost eats the hamburger phone…

What happens next, you aks? Well, the next episode is going to get very intense. What happens may surprise you – big time.

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