Valentine’s Day: How to Tell Someone You Like Them

The Jennifer Nettles and Charles Kelley Way

Want to tell someone you like them this Valentine’s Day? Not exactly sure how to approach the situation? Need some advice? Jennifer Nettles and Charles Kelley are here to help.

We asked Nettles what she thought the best way to tell someone you like them is. According to her, you should use your actions instead of words:
Kelley took a different approach and gave you many options. There’s the old-fashioned way:
Or, some present-day ways:
We also asked them to tell us what their ideal Valentine’s Day dates would be.
Be sure to catch Nettles during the CMT Next Women of Country Tour. Dates and tickets can be found here.
Kelley’s debut solo The Driver is out now. And be sure to see him out on tour.

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