GIF Recap: Party Down South – She Devil Went Down to Georgia As Told By Lauren

That Just Happened

On the recent episode of Party Down South, Lauren and Tiffany let the cat (fight) out of the bag. All the drama around Santana, and the cheating rumors, came to a head with the most intense series of events this family has ever experienced.

It’s quite hard to put into words, you see. So, we’ll let Lauren explain the episode in this week’s recap.

  1. Walt tells us to mind our own business, which is a big help. Not.

  2. Everyone keeps talking about the rumors, but I know they’re true.

  3. Cut to the next day. While Santana arrives at the house, Murray takes us on a peddle tavern. Gotta love a good distraction.

  4. On the way back to the house, we can’t wait to see Santana. It’s about to pop off!

  5. Case in point.

  6. Back at the house, I end up talking to said guy. And, he tells me…

  7. #Winning

  8. Told you I’m not a liar!

  9. That just happened.

  10. Cue cat fight.

  11. And scene.

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