Florida Georgia Line: Every Day Is Valentine’s

Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard Couldn't Be More in Love With Their Wives

With Valentine’s Day arriving Sunday (Feb. 14), love is definitely in the air. But it’s Valentine’s Day every day for Florida Georgia Line, who couldn’t be more in love with their wives.

FGL’s Brian Kelley tied the knot back in 2013 to his sweetheart Brittney Cole, while his bandmate and best friend Tyler Hubbard wed Hayley Stommel in 2015.

Of all the incredible things they’ve accomplished in the last few years, the two will tell you that being married ranks right up there at the top of the list.

“Being married is cool,” Kelley told me during our last chat together. “Tyler and I said before we got married a long time ago, ‘Hey, when we get married, we’re just gonna do things differently.’ I feel like, in the music industry, having a wife, it can be really weird, and you don’t really know, people don’t really share. And that’s all great, but we just wanted to be different and share our lives and our relationships with fans and try to be stand-up guys and honor our vows and wives. And the music is only gonna get better with that.”

Yes, the music will become more inspired, but they, too, will also become better thanks to the love and support of their wives.

“We’re becoming better men with being married,” Kelley continued. “It’s just part of life, and it’s cool. It’s so cool to be happy. And when you get the right person like Tyler and I have, and you get to sing to them every night as well on the side of the stage and to our amazing fans, everyone is so supportive. It feels like a dream.”

But make no mistake: Their wives aren’t just standing in the wings. Both Brittney and Hayley are reportedly joining their husbands to open a retail store and coffee shop in Nashville this year. Kelley also told me their team is “trying to create a vibe and experience in Nashville that’s not really here.”

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