Tim McGraw Would Have Been Happy as a Song Plugger

Honesty Reigns During Q&A Session at Country Radio Seminar

When country radio programmers and Tim McGraw are in the same room, there will be questions — so many questions — about everything from music to motivation to social media.

And lucky for the ones with the questions, after nearly 25 years in the business, McGraw was comfortable answering them all at the end of his Country Radio Seminar panel on Wednesday (Feb. 10) in Nashville.

But that doesn’t mean all the questions were easy to answer.

When someone asked him to name his favorite song he’d ever recorded, he said, “That’s tough, tough, tough. I can name 10.”

First he said it would be “Live Like You Were Dying.” But then he added “It’s Your Love.”

“That one is important to me, too, because it was the first song Faith (Hill) and I had ever done together. When we first heard it, we were sitting on the back of the bus,” he said. “I just remember everything about it.”

His would-if-he-could collaboration?

“If I could ever make a record with Springsteen, that would be a dream, for sure,” he said.

His take on social media?

“I have to be honest, I hate social media,” he said. “I understand it, and it’s certainly a big part of what we do, and I’m coming along. It’s like when it’s fun and I have something to say, then that’s a good time to say something.

“But for the most part, I don’t think that it means as much if you do it every day. I’m an analog guy in a digital world,” he joked, admitted that Hill will not let him have the Twitter app on his phone.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

One of the very last questions was about how he had maintained his focus for so long.

“Knowing I wanted to do this for a living. I knew I wanted to do it, whether I was playing acoustic guitar in somebody else’s band or being a song plugger on Music Row. I knew I wanted to be involved in music,” McGraw said, sounding just like he did in his 2004 album cut “How Bad Do You Want It?”

“There was nothing else that I could do. Nothing else that I wanted to do,” he said. “I had a one-track mind.”

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