Kacey Musgraves Warns Fans to Avoid Scams

Lyrics Look Best When They're Legit

You know when you’re in a cute shop and you see a sign or a frame or a shirt or basically anything with country lyrics on it, and you absolutely have to have it? Well, think twice about it.

Because maybe the artist whose lyrics are on that thing that would complete you wasn’t even asked permission to use those words.

Kacey Musgraves explained in a recent Instagram post how it can and does happen, and that she’s doing everything she can to stop it.

“My lyrics are being ripped off so many times and, naturally, nobody buying this stuff would ever know that the people who actually CREATED these lyrics are seeing ZERO benefits,” she writesto go along with a photo of her holding the illegal wooden sign featuring lyrics from one of her recent hits.
She admits it’s flattering, but she has bills to pay. She encourages fans to only buy merchandise on her website or at her shows.

It should be noted, however, that sometimes, an artist does give permission and that sign would look perfect in your house.

And I know that about a year ago, Lee Brice’s wife Sara started designing what she calls Lyric Blocks out of the lines from his songs–obviously with his permission — and you can buy them on his website or at his shows and the proceeds go to charity.