Little Big Town: Mean Tweets Mean Nothing

Band Members Laugh Off Criticism After Grammy Win

You know what’s great about winning a Grammy? Besides everything?

That fact that it gives you a much thicker skin, especially when haters start hating your music.

So in the latest edition of “Mean Tweets” on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the members of Little Big Town were reading something pretty cruel from someone named Jordan.

“Honestly little big town,” the band’s Jimi Westbrook reads as the verbatim message appears on the screen, “id rather listen to a (expletive) hitting the toilet than ur new songs.”

All four members of the group had a good laugh over that one. Because now that they are holding a brand new Grammy from Monday’s (Feb. 15) show when they won best country duo/group performance category for “Girl Crush” and the song’s writers won for best country song, it’s hard to take any attacks very seriously.

Blake Shelton laughed off his mean tweet as well. His was, “If I could choose to punch one piece of (expletive) in the face it would be Blake Shelton (expletive) that bloated asshole.”

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