Chris Stapleton Debuts Cringeworthy Parody

Grammy Winner Reveals Concept Album Parody on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Get ready to hear Chris Stapleton like you’ve never heard him before.

We’re serious … but he isn’t.

Wednesday night (Feb. 17) on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Grammy and CMA award-winning singer-songwriter debuted a brand new project called Cringeworthy, a concept album where he takes “the words you hate the most” and turns them into “the songs you’ll love the most.”

In the parody, Stapleton croons hilarious songs dedicated to the “most nauseating words in the English language” with titles like “Panties,” “Nom-Nom, Yummy, Nom-Nom,” “Ladyfriend” and a few others I’ll just let you hear for yourself.

It’s always a riot to see the normally reserved and humble singer’s more humorous side. Hearing his voice, though, you almost have to believe that he could make any lyric sound good.

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