Redneck Island: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do – What You Didn’t See

Whipped Cream Twister, Truth or Dare and More

Challenges were forfeited. Alliances were broken. Friendships were ruined. And as it always does, The Pit claimed two more victims, the lovers-turned-haters team of Kayla and Hunter.

If you missed Thursday’s new episode, here’s a 30 second recap:

Newly-reunited teammates Cody and Nicole realized they had made opposing alliances, Nicole with the veteran girls and Cody with the vet guys. During the challenge, they chose to forfeit, because the only remaining competitors were part of Cody’s alliance, which would keep them safe from The Pit. That evening, Cody had a few beers too many and ran his mouth at an already Pit-bound Hunter. Hunter then asked challenge winners Riley and Becky to send Cody and Nicole into the Pit so they could have it out, once and for all. Riley and Becky agreed, officially destroying the powerful guy veteran alliance, and causing a rift between Nicole and Becky. To (the very buff) Hunter’s disappointment, the Pit challenge was a puzzle, and Cody defeated him. Nicole made easy work of beating Kayla, and the dream team is now headed back to the house where they plan on seeking revenge.

With all of that drama, there was a lot of fun footage that didn’t quite make it in to the episode. Have no fear, though, we’ve got all the dirt on what was left on the cutting room floor.

  1. Nicole’s Birthday

    After watching Tank’s “baby shower,” nothing could possibly surprise us in terms of Redneck Island celebrations. But a Twister board made of whip cream? Now that’s impressive. And messy. And kind of gross. But still awesome.

  2. Truth or Dare

    When it comes to adults playing truth or dare, Bo said it best, “you’re either making out with somebody, or you’re gettin’ naked.” Sounds about right.

  3. Blonde Moment

    Kayla, the self proclaimed “Redneck Barbie,” just wants to make sure they remember to unplug the charcoal grill next time.

  4. Bye-bye, Hunter

    In the extended version of Hunter’s exit interview, he predicts a rocky future for Cody and Nicole in the house. Only time will tell if he is right about that one.

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