Party Down South GIF Recap: The 8 Stages of Watching S5E4 – Southern Discomfort

The Gloves (And the Clothes) Came Off

The latest episode of Party Down South was much more emotional than usual. Lyle is still trying to figure out if his fiancée Santana cheated on him, but the rest of the house want to tear her to pieces. Literally.

We’ve summed up the viewer experience into the eight necessary stages.

  1. Stage 1: Shock

    We would rather be trapped in a cab with “Martha” than take on Tiffany, Lauren or Santana in a fight. But the three of them fighting each other? Forget it. Everyone is doomed.

  2. Stage 2: Horror

    Just when the poor security guards think they have separated the belligerent girls, Santana breaks free to incite round two. Can’t. Look. Away.

  3. Stage 3: Sadness

    After (hopefully) all of the punches have been thrown, Santana and Lyle sit down to figure out what comes next. They call Santana’s friend Macy, who of course insists that her bestie didn’t cheat on Lyle. Because she’s a totally reliable source. It’s impossible to look at Lyle in those scenes and not feel supremely sad for him.

  4. Stage 4: Confusion (and more Sadness)

    Once Santana finally leaves, Lyle takes some time to process everything he’s heard. Is Santana lying? Or are his friends lying? We have the feels and the feels are sad.

  5. Stage 5: Hopefulness

    Despite the mounting evidence, Lyle chooses to believe his girl and hope for the best. At this point, you’re either feeling hopeful with Lyle, or you’re staring at him with a “WTF expression” like the rest of his housemates.

  6. Stage 6: Disgust

    In what has been a pretty emotionally draining episode, it’s nice that we can rely on the #TerrorTwins to keep the mood light. And by light we mean foul-smelling and childish. We applaud their imagination in designing their own “stink bomb,” as long as it stays as far away from us as possible.

  7. Stage 7: Anticipation

    By staying out of the drama, Mattie has time to devote herself to a different project: getting on the “scoreboard.” Could she finally be getting some vitamin D? All signs point to yes.

  8. Stage 8: Disappointment

    After what we can only assume was a satisfying evening together, Mattie’s new boo thang stood her up the next night at the bar. So we are feeling pretty down again. But then he calls her! We’re excited. Until she apparently forgets how to answer the phone.

There’s nothing we love more than a cliffhanger ending. Actually, that’s a lie. Us Party Down South fans are extremely impatient, and we have a lot of burning questions. What will Lyle do about Santana? How long will it take the girls to smell and destroy the stink bombs? Will Mattie be able to place a call if she can’t even remember how to pick one up?

In the meantime, you can relive the highlights of this week’s episode in the four minute recap video below:

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