Blake Shelton’s Grumpy Interview for Kids’ Choice Awards

Awards Show Host Tells Feline Interviewer He's a Hunger Games Superfan

Sure, maybe Blake Shelton really is a Hunger Games superfan, as he describes himself in this new video for the upcoming Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

And maybe he really does have his own hover board.

And maybe he really does know all the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” by heart.

Or maybe Shelton is just telling Grumpy Cat what she wants to hear about the upcoming awards show he’s hosting on March 12.

“Am I excited to host this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards? I couldn’t be more excited,” Shelton insists. “No purrrrr-suasion needed here. …You see what I did there?”

The cat has a lot to say, but her best response to Shelton is a simple, “Srsly, cowboy?”

Shelton himself is nominated for favorite male singer and is the only country artist with a nomination in the music categories.

Voting is underway now.

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