Blake Shelton Tangles Again With Westboro Baptist Church

Singer Fights Back With Humor Over Protest at His Upcoming Concert

Blake Shelton has been in a fight with the Westboro Baptist Church for years.

They don’t like the way he lives his life, and he doesn’t like the way they judge him for the way he lives his life.

So when the church group threatened to stir up trouble at Shelton’s upcoming Missouri show, he fought back the best way he knows how. With humor.

It started Tuesday (Feb. 23) when the church tweeted, “We’ll be picketing @blakeshelton this Friday @ Sprint! Warm your voices up w/our parody … Boys Round Here.”

Within about 10 minutes, Shelton had seen the post and responded.

They replied: “Hey, @blakeshelton here’s your sign & see Ephesians 5:17 & Galatians 5:21,” with a picture of a sign that says, “God Hates Drunks.”

(Which is weird, because the God I know doesn’t hate anyone. And I’m pretty sure He likes wine.)

The parody the church refers to in the first tweet is the one they recorded to criticize Shelton’s lifestyle choices by using the tune of his hit song “Boys ‘Round Here.” Among the lyrics: “Well, the boys down here don’t read much Bible/Chasing tail and waving flags of their idols/At the honky-tonk/Where the whores romp/All night.”

And instead of “backwoods legit,” their parody song says, “God’s word’s legit.”

But if that is the case, wouldn’t God’s word include a message of forgiveness and mercy?