Carrie Underwood Prepares for Son’s Birthday

Planning the Perfect Celebration for a 1-Year-Old

Carrie Underwood isn’t going to throw her baby boy Isaiah some over-the-top first birthday party on Saturday (Feb. 27). In fact, she told Entertainment Tonight that she doesn’t even know what to get him for his big day.

They are going to have a little party — “just family and friends, people that are staples in his life,” she says — and it will not be fancy.

As for gifts, she’s stumped.

“I’m like, ’What do you get a 1-year old for a present?’ I have no idea,” she admitted, “so I’ve been on Amazon trying to find presents for him. I’m gonna have to just go to the store and look. People are like, ’What is he into?'”

Her response: “I don’t know. He’s 1!”

But I have a recommendation for something that is bigger than a gift. It’s a tradition and can only be carried out on your child’s first birthday.

You place a Bible, a wine cork and a dollar bill on the child’s highchair tray. Whichever one the child reaches for first will (allegedly) determine his path in life.

If he chooses the Bible, that means he’ll pursue a love of God.

If he chooses the dollar, that means he’ll pursue a love of power.

If he chooses the wine, that means he’ll pursue a love of life.

All three of my babies chose differently, and so far, their first birthday predictions have been dead on. (And I chose the wine cork when I turned 1, which further corroborates the efficacy of this test.)

The tradition has been such a given in my family, that I started to think maybe my grandmother just made the whole thing up. But it actually comes from the ancient Chinese Zhuazhou ceremony, which is a little more elaborate that my Bible/dollar/wine cork version, but the idea is the same.

So instead of giving Isaiah a toy this year, maybe Underwood will give him the freedom to reach for something bigger.

Plus, think of the Instagram pictures she could post.