Little Big Town’s Foggy Memory

And Other First Time Recollections From CMA Awards

It was 2006. And Little Big Town was making its first appearance on the CMA Awards. They were singing “Bones,” a track from their The Road to Here album.

But the problem was, they were kind of fogged in.

In this video to celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary of the CMA Awards, the band’s Jimi Westbrook explains how the stage fog at their feet got way out of hand.

“In the middle, I remember there was an extreme amount of fog that engulfed the entire two front rows,” he recalled. And Kimberley Schlapman added, “We disappeared, too.”

Chris Young admits in the video that when it was his turn to perform “Voices” on the 2011 show, all he could think about was falling off the edge of his sliver of the stage into the crowd. He remembers telling himself, “Don’t fall off and don’t mess up lyrics and don’t suck.”

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