Cassadee Pope Was Chris Young’s Dream Duet Partner

Singers Explain How "Think of You" Came to Life

I wish you could have been sitting with me on Monday (Feb. 22) during my brief chat with Chris Young and Cassadee Pope so you, too, could witness firsthand the spirit and camaraderie between these two friends.

During their “Live at 35” performance on Southwest Airlines’ brand new Boeing 737-700 Tennessee One aircraft, I had a chance to chat with them briefly about their performance and their new duet, “Think of You.”

While it might not have seemed the obvious pick for a duet partner, Young says Pope was the singer he wanted.

“She was my first choice for this duet,” Young said during our flight to Memphis. “A lot of people were like, ‘What made you think of her?’ I’ve been on enough shows with her and listened to her sing, and I don’t think she ever misses a note.”

The ever-so-humble Pope was noticeably flattered and blushing a bit.

“Take the compliment!” Young told her.

“Thank you!” she shyly replied.

“You’re like me,” he said with a laugh, prompting her to giggle.

“She’s amazing, and it’s a really powerfully-vocal song,” Young continued. “I wanted somebody who was really gonna stand out. It’s just really fun singing with her because I know she’s always gonna be right there. It makes me want to make sure that I’m on her level at all times.”

“I think you’re gonna be all right,” Pope told him as our conversation came to a close.

Judging by their duet, I think they’re both gonna be all right.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.