Joey Feek’s “Life Well Loved”

Rory Feek Says His Wife Has Done God Proud

Joey + Rory’s Rory Feek apologizes for the sensational headlines.

The ones about his wife’s Joey’s tragic last days and shocking developments in her brave battle with cancer.

“I want to apologize for any sensational headlines that this or any post has created. That has not been my intention. These are just stories … small vignettes from our lives, just like the ones that you and everyone out there are living every day,” he wrote in his most recent blog from Monday (Feb. 29).

“Sometimes I feel like the boy who cried wolf. We’ve been here going through this for months and months now. (Through) many ups and downs. Nearing the end, doing better, nearing the end again. Hoping. Praying. Believing.”

So instead of writing about Joey’s inevitable death, he talks more about her life.

Her love of real cowboys, like George Strait.

Her presence at her baby’s second birthday.

And the very full live she’s lived in 40 short years.

“I can honestly say that Joey’s isn’t just a life well-lived, it’s a life well-loved,” he wrote. “She’s given all she could give. She’s loved all she could love and lived all she could live. And her faith … yes, it’s strong enough to save her. I know she’s done Him and all of us proud … in the time that He gave her.”