Luke Bryan’s Leap-Day Love

Did He Salt Cure a Ham for Firefighters?

You know how I know Luke Bryan would be a candidate?

(In this case, the candidate is the one in the firehouse who wants to be a firefighter but first has to pay his dues by cooking for all the hardworking men and women in the house?)

Because he can grow his own groceries and salt cure a ham, per his 2008 hit, “Country Man.” But I never thought I’d get to see the day when he was actually feeding firefighters.

In this new video he posted on Twitter, as part of the national “Day It Forward” promotion for this year’s leap day, Bryan shows up at the Franklin Fire Station near Nashville with a pull cart filled with food. And plenty of gratitude.

First he wrote, “See how I spent my 24 hrs for good on Feb 29.”

Them in the video, he says, “With my extra 24 hours, it was a no brainer to me to come by and show these firefighter a little bit of love and respect.”

“You guys saved somebody last week,” he says to the group, “and who was a part of that?”

After he personally thanks the hero among heroes, Bryan just says, “Eat up, boys,” then asks his fans, “So let me ask you: What are you doing to day it forward?”

Other celebrities — from Ellen DeGeneres and Andy Cohen to Kevin Spacey and Eva Longoria — were part of the campaign as well, along with other generous souls from around the world who wanted to use the extra day for good.