Hell Hath No Fury Like Carrie Underwood After Friend Is Scorned

Her Trainer Gets Shamed, Underwood Gets Even

There is so much I love about this cyberbullying tête-à-tête, I don’t even know where to begin.

I’ll try to tell the story chronologically.

Carrie Underwood’s personal trainer, Erin Oprea, was at one of her kid’s soccer games. And instead of standing there motionless — she makes her living being physically fit, mind you — she started jumping rope.

A soccer dad took photos and posted them online. I guess to make the point that she was a bad person for exercising? Like, how dare she?

His post said, “Every dad at the soccer field thinks her standing out front with her jump rope for two hours only screams she wants attention.”

And here’s where the story gets really good.

Underwood found about about this soccer dad’s post, took a screen shot of it (thank you, smart phones) and shamed him right back.

“Way to go, Erin!” Underwood wrote on Instagram. “Use someone else’s negativity to help others. That man obviously has a big problem … with himself. I only hope he can learn to like himself someday so he can be an adult and stop bullying others for bettering themselves. This guy felt the need to post this pic of my friend and trainer, Erin Oprea, along with some really insecure and mean comments. He was shaming her for getting in some exercise during her son’s soccer game.”

Underwood ended her Instagram posted with these two simple words: “Not cool.”