Keith Urban Says “Check Your Pulse”

Why He Cried When Kelly Clarkson Sang on American Idol

Will more tears be shed during Thursday night’s (March 3) American Idol?

It was the cry heard ‘round the world on last week’s show when season one winner Kelly Clarkson came back to perform her emotionally charged song “Piece by Piece.”

She cried a little. But Keith Urban cried a lot.

As Clarkson had explained to host Ryan Seacrest, “I actually wrote it pregnant with my little girl, and now I’m pregnant with my little boy. So if I don’t make it through and I start crying, just laugh. It’ll make me feel better.”

During her performance, Urban was visible crying as Clarkson was singing about her father’s abandonment.

“The song, it’s insane,” Urban later told Entertainment Tonight. “I figure you’re either crying at this performance or you need to check your pulse.”

“I was starting to wonder if maybe I was (pregnant), too,” Urban laughed. “The humanity in that moment was just (incredible). You never see that, let alone on TV, so I was so grateful to be there to witness it.”

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