Eric Church Says “I’ve Been That Guy”

He Calls Music a Kind of Therapy

Eric Church doesn’t do a lot of interviews. But, man, when he does, he is 100 percent honest.

So in his latest, with radio station WQYK/Tampa, Florida, Church really opened up about everything. Especially about the way he uses music kind of like a therapist.

“There’s a line in (‘Record Year’) that talks about, ‘Slowly planning my survival in a three-foot stack of vinyl,’” Church explains. “I’ve been that guy. I’ve done that. I’ve set out a stack and said, ‘I’m gonna get through this before I think about what I’m going through.’ And I think that a lot of people use music that way.”

And you can use that kind of musical therapy, whether it’s downloads, CDs, cassettes or eight-tracks if you’ve still got a player. But Church prefers vinyl.

“The big thing with music is whether or not you can feel it,” he says. “I think with vinyl, you can feel it more. It’s so cool to me that it’s become in vogue again.”

He also admits tht he once smoked weed out of a bar of Dial soap, that he’d probably never tour with Rascal Flatts again and that if he could make one presidential candidate out of all the good qualities of all the politicians running, that’s who he’d vote for.