CMT First: Randy Houser Previews New Album

Hear Tracks From Fired Up

Maybe part of country music’s future is in the past. And if that’s the case, Randy Houser is going to take us there.

The never-ending list of country songs about what is happening this Friday night is gradually being replaced with songs about what happened last Friday night. Or maybe Friday night 10 years ago.

The songs take you back, they reminisce, and they fill you with a sense of nostalgia.

And Houser new batch of music called Fired Up — due out March 11 — with that common thread running through a handful of them.

The best example is “Senior Year,” which Houser co-wrote with Rob Hatch (“I Don’t Dance,” “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away”), and is destined to be the soundtrack of every high school graduation video for years to come.

Then there’s “Back,” which is about hoping you like what you see when you look back. Things like the main street nights with the radio loud, the fights with your dad and the stained-glass flashbacks.

And “Song Number 7,” which is aptly the seventh track on this album, is that one song about that one song and all the memories that come flooding back when it comes on.

But with 17 songs on the album, not all of them are about looking back.

Houser teamed up with so many Nashville hitmakers for this album, that that may explain why there are no soundalikes on Fired Up. The songwriting credits are a mile long, with Houser, Hatch, Chris Stapleton, Lee Miller, Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley, Kelley Lovelace, Chris Janson, Brett Warren, Brad Warren, Travis Meadows, Craig Wiseman and Rhett Akins, just to name a few.

CMT has the exclusive first listen for several tracks from Fired Up. Enjoy some of his new music before it’s released next week.

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