Meet Dixie Chicks Superfan: Emilia K

Four of the Trio's Classic Albums Set for Release on 150-Gram Vinyl

Emilia K is a lot of things. She’s a soccer lover, an international business student and has a job in a pharmacy.

Oh, and this girl from Finland is a Dixie Chicks superfan who has only seen the band in concert once. In Oslo.

But that is about to change because the band recently named Emilia its Superfan of the Month.

“I honestly never thought I would get a chance to see the Chicks live, living in Finland and all, but I was very lucky that my mom agreed to come with me,” she said of her one and only show in 2014. “So we jumped to the chance to spend a couple of days in Oslo and see the band. … It was truly a dream come true, and I grinned like an idiot the entire show, so much my face was aching the next day.”

In a Q&A on the band’s website, she cites 1998’s “Wide Open Spaces” as her favorite song, but says it was the group’s 2006 comeback song “Not Ready to Make Nice” that made her fall in love for good.

But all those Dixie Chicks songs in between? She loves those, too.

“Mississippi” is the most played song in her music library. “This has been my go-to song during the cold, dark winter months as it improves my mood instantly every time,” Emilia said.

“Top of the World” is a song she says she holds near and dear to her heart and it often moves her to tears.

“Heartbreak Town” and “Cold Day in July” also made it onto Emilia’s list of faves.

And if she had to pick one complete Dixie Chicks album that she loves the most, it would be their last one, released a decade ago.

“I love Taking the Long Way because of the emotion in it,” she says, adding, “but there isn’t really anything better than blasting out the entire ‘Home’ album because it’s just so darn good.”

But this is where she puts the “super” in superfan:

“It is a special thing to have something that makes you feel like you belong when you feel so out of place and, to me, that has been the Dixie Chicks. As funny as it may sound, sometimes it can take just that one little thing to keep you going and sometimes, quite often, it has been the Chicks and their music for which I am so, so very grateful for,” Emilia says. “I’m not sure if they ever intended become something like that, but I thank them for sharing their music with us.”

No doubt, she’ll be excited about the Dixie Chicks’ latest news announced Friday (March 4).

Columbia/Legacy will reissue the Dixie Chicks’ classic four studio albums — Wide Open Spaces, Fly, Home and Taking the Long Way — newly remastered and pressed on high resolution 150-gram 12-inch vinyl on April 15.