7 Fortune Cookies from Party Down South’s Lyle Boudreux

The Southern Sensei

On the recent episode of Party Down South, Lyle finally heard the truth straight from the horses mouth, aka his fiancee Santana’s mouth.

Along his search for the truth, Lyle shares sage relationship advice that would make for the perfect fortune cookies. So, we gathered every bite-size #truth from the Southern sensei we call Wild Lyle. Enjoy.

1. If you don’t get it together, you won’t be together.

2. To keep a committed relationship, honesty is the key.

3. Being honest is amazing, and it can take you a far distance.

4. Take the prison, and build up around your heart to the point where you know it’s safe.

5. Sometimes when things are fallin’ apart, they might be fallin’ into place.

6. A relationship has trust and honesty.

7. If the feelings are there, they’re there. If not, it’s done.

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