Tim McGraw on the Importance of Foundation

Singer Talks About Operation Homefront

“It was a no-brainer for me.”

That’s what Tim McGraw recalls thinking when the people at Operation Homefront asked him about getting involved in their work.

Operation Homefront is the group that assists military families during difficult times. They care for wounded warriors and help everyone in a military family.

“You know, it’s about safety and security,” McGraw explained in a radio interview, “and we feel safe and secure with our family because of those guys and because of the things that they do.”

The troops put their lives on the line, McGraw added. Knowing they are putting their families on the back burner is what inspired McGraw to get involved.

“To think that these wounded soldiers come home and they don’t have a foundation for their family,” he said. “They don’t have that safety and security that they provide for us every day.

“While we sit in our comfortable homes and we take our kids to a great school and we drive in our cars to places and we feel safe, they provide that. And for them to come home and not to have that same security that we have every day, it just doesn’t seem right to me.”

McGraw says that even though you can’t help everybody, Operation Homefront makes a difference for the people they do help.