Luke Bryan Hooks His Own Sailfish

Reels In Fishing Song as His New Single, Too

If I ever go fishing, I’m taking Luke Bryan with me.

Because after he posted a photo of his latest catch on Twitter — “Beautiful fish” — I called the man who arranged that fishing trip, and he told me he’s never met anyone like Bryan.

Samuel Merkin of Quepos Fishing in Costa Rica said the Pacific sailfish Bryan caught last week was something of an anomaly, because Bryan actually did the whole thing with his own bare hands (and some ballyhoo bait).

Bryan was out on the water with his friends and family for about five hours, and Merkin thinks they caught about six sailfish — each one weighing in at around 130 pounds.

“Most of time, though, the mates do all the work. When the fish takes bait, the fisherman reels it in and hands the rod to the guest on the charter. But Luke wanted to do it himself, and he did,” Merkin explained. “When the sailfish was behind the boat, Luke took his own rod and pitched his own bait, letting the line out.

“The hard part is knowing when to set the hook. But Luke was patient, and he waited until the fish swam away before he put pressure on the rod,” he added. “A lot of people can’t do that.”

After Bryan had him on the line, they brought him up onto the boat for the photo.

Then they released the fish.

Then Bryan released a new single called “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day.”

You have to admit, Bryan’s timing is perfect.