Carrie Underwood’s Five-Year Plan

Baby, Husband's Retirement, a Garden and More

In People magazine’s recent American Idol issue, a Q&A with season four winner Carrie Underwood has her opening up about what’s next for her. Not tomorrow or even next year. But more like five years down the road.

She predicts that her hockey-pro husband Mike Fisher will probably be retired.

“He’ll be 40!” she said. “He’s like the second-oldest on the (Nashville Predators) team already.”

She predicts their song Isaiah will probably be someone’s big brother.

“I definitely see one more baby. At least. Oh, Isaiah will be in kindergarten,” Underwood realizes.

She predicts she’ll still be in love with the outdoors.

“We’ll be living out here in the country,” she said, adding that even 50 years from now, she sees herself outside, having a garden and living next door to her best friend. “So we’ll just be crazy old ladies together.”

And career-wise?

“I have no idea. There are so many factors,” she reveals.