Keith Urban Explains Attraction to Ripcord

Why It's the Perfect Title for His New Album and Tour

Did you find yourself a little perplexed when Keith Urban revealed the title of his new album and tour — Ripcord?

I did, too. I won’t lie. I even wrote about it last fall when Urban made the announcement, posing my big theory, truthfully just waiting on him to explain it.

Well, the wait is over. Urban is now talking about why he chose the title, and it makes total sense. It also makes me slightly off in my own assessment, but nonetheless it’s great to have an answer.

Although Ripcord is also the title of a play that recently opened in New York City, it’s the imagery of an actual ripcord that Urban is drawn to.

“The image of a ripcord, I like it. I like the sound of the word,” he said recently.

That much we sort of guessed correctly, but here’s where it gets even deeper and sweeter.

“I like the energy that it denotes,” he said. “But metaphorically, I also love that it’s a thing that you grab to save your life, and that’s a really beautiful thing. And I was thinking about the various things in my life that I reach for, like family, faith, music, all manner of things. So, Ripcord took on a whole new meaning, but it really, for me, fits the music. It definitely fits the tour.”

It certainly fits his latest single from the album. Just think about the lyrics to “Break on Me,” a song about being someone’s rock and saving grace when they’re down. It sounds like the human equivalent of a ripcord, doesn’t it?

The Ripcord World Tour 2016 with Brett Eldredge and Maren Morris kicks off June 2 in Kansas City.

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