Jake Owen: “I’m the Only Person There”

The Sad Reality of Divorce

Jake Owen seems to be doing OK after his divorce from Lacey Buchanan. At least, that’s what he told Storme Warren on his radio show on Sirius XM’s The Highway channel.

But he also admitted what it’s like to go home now that Buchanan and their daughter Pearl have moved to Florida. And it will break your heart.

“It’s weird, man,” Owen said. “I get home, and I’m the only person there, and it’s so quiet, and it’s taken me a while to gain strength back again into knowing that I’ve got to start rebuilding again.”

That empty house is the exact opposite of what Owen loved so much about being married and having a family.

“And (when) the weekend’s over and going home to what was even 10 times better than those feelings that I get onstage,” he said, “which was walking in the front door and hearing a little girl go, ‘Daddy!’ and hearing her footsteps run.”

But Owen is strong enough to look back fondly on his marriage and look ahead to what’s next for him.

“Being married was an awesome thing for me. I really loved it. Unfortunately, myself and Lacey didn’t work out. We still care a lot about each other and, most importantly, have so much love for our little girl, and we want to do what’s best for her,” he said, adding that he’s back on his feet and feels really good.

“I know that I’m back being happy again.”