Thomas Rhett Plans Return to Europe

He Reflects on Shows at C2C Festival and Beyond

England, Ireland and Scotland. That is quite a weekend for anyone, but especially for Thomas Rhett.

Because he recently admitted in a radio interview that he had no idea what playing in Europe would be like when he took part in the C2C festival this past weekend (March 11-13).

Before he headed over there for the first time, he said, “I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know what they know about my music.”

Without the country radio station support he gets in America, what if the crowd didn’t know any of his songs?

That was not the case. In fact, former tourmate Brett Eldredge assured him that those fans would know all the songs and then some.

“(Brett) was like, ‘Man, it’s crazy because they don’t just know the singles. They know, like, your deep cuts. and they’re like screaming them,'” Rhett recalled of the pep talk.

“So, if that’s any indication of what the shows are gonna be like, that’s gonna be fun,” he’d said before the trip.

And it have been, because Rhett announced on Monday (March 14) that he’ll be heading back there this fall for a full international tour, starting on Nov. 9 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and then stopping in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and more.

“After getting my first taste this week, I definitely get what they’re saying now,” he said. “I’m pumped we’re going to have a chance to come back this fall. Hopefully, we’ll get to see a few familiar faces from this weekend and meet some new fans, too.”

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