Carrie Underwood: “I Was a Baby Then”

Conversations During Her European Tour

Carrie Underwood is back home after a whirlwind of an international tour where she told her Storyteller stories in five cities — Glasgow, London, Dublin, Stockholm and Oslo.

While she was over there, she did interviews with several radio stations.

And in one, with BBC Radio, Underwood talked about her career as an artist years before she even auditioned for American Idol.

“At 14, I kind of had an artist development thing,” Underwood admits. “I got a no.”

That must’ve hurt, but she adds that, “I was a baby then.”

Having a label turn her down at 14 years old ended up being a bit of a blessing in disguise because, well, look at her now.

“There’s no way I would have been vocally or mentally prepared to go through any of that. I learned a lot. I think I was OK with it,” she recalled. “It’s not like somebody sat me down and they were like, ‘You’re not good enough.’”

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