Nashville‘s Mr. & Mrs. Claybourne Wed

"About Damn Time," Rayna Says

Given the past of Nashville, the TV series, I wasn’t so sure about Rayna and Deacon’s future.

I thought for sure someone would stand up at the wedding on Wednesday’s (March 16) episode and not hold their peace. Or that Rayna would have second thoughts. Or that Deacon would start drinking again — and we all know how that story ends.

There were three things during the show that made me think the wedding might be called off: Maddie, Daphne, and Tandy.

Maddie didn’t like Deacon’s violent tendencies. Daphne felt like she’d be left out because her own bio-dad is in prison. And Tandy, well, she just knows too much about Deacon’s past.

There was one tense moment when nobody could find Deacon, and the wedding was about to start, but he’d just gone visit his sister’s grave to make peace with what had happened between them.

“There she is, and here I am. Me, a lifelong drunk with a temper,” he says.

He finally makes his way back to the wedding barn and, God love them, they did end up finally becoming Mr. and Mrs. Deacon Claybourne. And as Rayna said, “About damn time.”

The couple’s whole on-again-off-again theme came up when it was time for Deacon to say his vows.

“Rayna, from the first moment I saw you, I knew. We were meant for each other. It took us a long while to get here, to get back to us,” he said. “You’re my best friend, you are my one true love, but from here on out, you will wear this ring and you will be my wife.”

Meanwhile, the new hate triangle between Colton, Layla and Avery got off to a solid start when Colton confessed to Layla that he’d seen Jeff on the roof that tragic night. Not killing himself, like she thought, but saving Juliette from doing just that. That kind of news kind of rocked Layla’s world, but when she approached Avery, he denied any problems with Juliette.

So she did what any conniving young girl would do. She hired Avery to produce her record.

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