Are Nashville‘s Actors Like Their Characters?

Layla Almost Went to Harvard in Real Life

Now that country fans and Nashville fans finally had a chance to see the wedding of the year — Deacon and Rayna’s — on Wednesday’s (March 16) episode, I thought it would be a good idea to go a little deeper and find out what the characters from the hit show think about how their real lives parallel (or don’t) their fictional lives.

Aubrey Peeples, for example, is nothing like Layla. Unless Layla was her high school’s valedictorian and had a perfect ACT score and just never talks about it.

“When I was graduating (from high school), I got into Harvard and decided to put it off,” she said in a recent radio interview about deferring the first time so that she could try acting. “I deferred for a year, and then when I was packing up my apartment to go (to Harvard), I got the call that I booked Nashville, so I had to put it on hold again.”

A few other Nashville actors have talked about how they are the same but also different from their characters.

Deacon (Charles Esten): “I’m very different than Deacon in many, many ways, but there’s a lot of, ‘There but for the grace of God go I. He’s had it harder than I probably had it, so it’s taken its toll. And he’s got his demons that he battles, and I guess everybody does, but I’m pretty different, but I’m glad for it.”

Will (Chris Carmack): “I think the writers are so on point with this character and where he’s going. Every scene I get is just … it’s just exciting to read. They’re giving Will interesting stories and interesting scenes episode after episode, and I have nothing but enthusiasm for every scene I read so far.”

Gunnar (Sam Palladio): “A lot of us still think of ourselves as just these lucky actors that are playing these characters on a show about music, but the great thing is that the team behind the show really, really strive to find actors who have a love of music, and we all do.“

Maddie (Lennon Stella): “I honestly find the sadness and the more upset, acting comes easier, I guess. And the challenging part is actually acting the really excited parts. That stuff I find is a little bit more challenging, but it’s been super cool to get more of like a story line, rather than just scenes.”

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