Tim McGraw Adds to Library With Humble and Kind

New Book Isn't His First Literary Rodeo

Sometimes, songs are so good, you just have to put the lyrics into the pages of a book. That’s what Tim McGraw did about eight years ago with his “My Little Girl” song. And he did it again when his hit “Live Like You Were Dying” was crafted into a book in 2004.

And now he’s doing it again with his “Humble and Kind” song.

The Humble and Kind book will feature lyrics, illustrations and an introduction written by McGraw. And the song’s writer, Lori McKenna, is writing the epilogue. The hardcover book won’t be out until May 17, but it’s already available for pre-order, and McGraw will be donating the proceeds to charity.

McGraw has another great book in his repertoire, not just on one song but on the making of an entire album.

It’s called This Is Ours, and it was released in 2002 when he recorded his Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors album at Allaire Studio in upstate New York. It is a very cool book that I still treasure 14 years later after I bought it. He’d taken his road band — as opposed to session musicians — to record that album at the studio inside a 1928 farmhouse overlooking Woodstock and the Catskills.

If McGraw keeps this up, his books are going to fill an entire shelf in the library.