The Completely Exposed Dierks Bentley

His Nude Video Reveals Vulnerability

According to psychologists, dreaming of being naked in public is very common.

But being naked on the Academy of Country Music Awards stage? I don’t know that there’s been extensive research on that.

But I can tell you that watching Dierks Bentley have that dream — nightmare, really — is all the evidence I need to know what a self-deprecating co-host he’ll be at the show on April 3 in Las Vegas.

In the new video he posted on social media, it shows him going on with the show completely unaware that he doesn’t have a stitch on. As he gives the stars in the crowd some shout-outs, some lock eyes with Bentley. And some can’t even look him in the eye. And I won’t spoil the ending, but just know this: Bentley can seriously rock those old-school light blue men’s pajamas.

Keep having this reoccurring nightmare… #acmawards

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Usually when someone has that naked dream, it means they are feeling vulnerable and are scared of being exposed. And maybe that’s the case with Bentley, since this is his first time as an ACM Awards host.

But he’s going to have Luke Bryan by his side as co-host, so how scary could it be?

Unless maybe Bryan is have the exact same recurring dream.