Carrie Underwood: Where Has Her Privacy Has Gone?

Infant Son Isaiah Is Everywhere She Wants to Be

Even if you aren’t officially into “attachment parenting,” you are always attached to a toddler.

That attachment happens during potty breaks, showers, baths, meals, phone calls, bedtime and more. Once that baby can walk, he will follow you around like a little shadow.

At least, it looks like that’s what’s happening in Carrie Underwood’s life ever since her son Isaiah turned 1 a few weeks ago.

She just posted a photo on Instagram of him trying to slide underneath the bathroom stall door while she was in there.

Can't a mom just go to the bathroom in peace?

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“Can’t a mom just go to the bathroom,” she wrote, “in peace?”

It’s not like she was complaining. On the contrary. I bet Underwood is even a little bit flattered that Isaiah wants to be around her every single second of every single day.

And she should be. Because there will come a day when Isaiah doesn’t want to be glued to his mom, but she’ll still want to be glued to him.

I tell this to mothers of young children all the time, and it seems fitting now: The days are long, but the years are short.

In other words, let him into the bathroom. You’ll have plenty of peace and privacy soon, and you’ll pine for the days when you didn’t.