Nashville Recap: Felonies and Misdemeanors

Crime Doesn't Pay, but It Makes Good TV

When the Nashville TV series came back from its winter break, it came back big. With a wedding last week, and then again on Wednesday night (March 23) with all kinds of crimes. Big ones, small ones and ones where civilians nearly take the law into their own hands.

First, the felony.

Deacon discovers a great new singer — Vida — who wanders into The Beverly. But it turns out, she’s committed some felonies and is looking for someone to take a second chance on her. That someone is Rayna, because as she says, “You know I love an underdog.” She even goes to the car Vida’s living in to tell her that she’s had a messy life, too, and that she thinks Vida is worth the risk.

But ultimately, Vida steals $500 from The Beverly, so she’s probably going to be living in that car for a while.

Then there’s that misdemeanor. Which is what happens when you’re drunk and disorderly in the Bluebird Café. It should have been a felony, because the man charged had been drunk, disorderly and shouting out gay slurs to Will during his performance. But Will wouldn’t pursue the charges.

“I decided not to give a statement. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna spend every night post-show filling out hate crime reports when it’s not gonna make a difference,” Will tells Gunnar.

It seemed like he was about to take the hate crime law into his own hands, when he went back to the Bluebird looking for the hater, but all he did was sing.

“You didn’t get to finish your beer last night,” he tells the man who called him a queer and a queen. “Course. I didn’t get to finish my song. Thanks for letting my music do the talking.”

Other folks who are finally taking matters into their own hands:

Avery — forcing Juliette to tell the world about their divorce or he will.

Maddie — demanding respect from Colt now that they’ve had sex.

Gunnar — who sends Erin packing for two reasons: 1.) she cheated on him, and 2.) he wasn’t even jealous, which means he must not be all that into her.

And Luke — who insists that his old pal Rick come out of retirement and join his tour to boost ticket sales.