Steven Tyler Planning a Country Tour

Rock Icon Plans Summer Stops

It’s probably safe to say that Steven Tyler knows his way around a stage. He’s toured the world with Aerosmith from the club days in the early ’70s to the arena days … right up through 2015. But have those past 40 years on the road prepared him for the country crowd?

We’re about to find out.

In a recent radio interview, Tyler said he’s getting ready to take the country stage. So when his new country album comes out — hopefully this spring — you can expect some summer tour stops.

“We hope to be going on tour after we release the album, which will be in two months from now,” Tyler said. “I hope to be going on tour in June. Album come out in May. We’re really close right now, and we just got a few more things to record next and throw up against the wall and see if they stick.”

So far, Tyler has released two songs off that debut country album: “Love Is Your Name” in May 2015 and “Red, White & You” earlier this year.

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