Jennifer Nettles: “It Fills My Heart”

Son Magnus Has Instinctive Connection to Rhythm

Jennifer Nettles’ son Magnus is only 3 years old, so there’s really no way of knowing if he’s inherited her vocal talents yet. But her dancing skills? Those he’s got for sure.

“He does recognize my voice,” Nettles told Entertainment Tonight. “As well he should, because not only have I sung to him since the day he was born, but I was on tour until I was huge pregnant.”

She added that her son loves all kinds of music and that it’s fun to see the instinctive connection to rhythm in him.

“He can know if something is more of a rockin’ beat, or if it’s something that is dance-y and backbeat and sort of sensual. He perceives the difference in that. To watch him dance is hysterical to me,” she said. “It just fills my heart.”

“After having become a mom, I think I was emboldened by the vulnerability it was to go through that life change. There is not one aspect of my life that having a child did not change,” she said.

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