Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley Swap Backstage Brags

Who Throws the Better Road Bash?

This? This is what Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley are going to argue about? Who knows how to party better backstage?

That’s what they talked about with People magazine for their cover story in the upcoming country special issue.

Bentley says, “I showed this guy how to throw a backstage party!”

Then Bryan says, “We trashed a couple of backstage areas.”

The two ACM Awards co-hosts got to be friends when Bryan opened for Bentley back in 2008, when Bentley was on his Throttle Wide Open Tour. It was right around the time that Bryan was a brand new artist. For a look back at what Bryan was like on tour in 2008, watch this episode of LBTV. (You’ll even catch a glimpse of Cole “Sweats a Lot” Swindell eating Cheetos in the backseat.)

But the reality is, Bryan says his brand new co-host did show him the ropes back when he was just starting out.

“We’d spend hours on the bus playing songs, and we just had a great time,” Bryan said.

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