Brett Eldredge and Friends Toast a No. 1 Single

Singer-Songwriter Celebrates With “Lose My Mind" Co-Writers Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan

It took the invited guests a while to find it Tuesday afternoon (March 29), but eventually they filed in and filled Old Glory, a trendy new bar just off Nashville’s Music Row. The place is so new, so unmarked and so tucked in among other enterprises, it virtually defies GPS.

The throng was there to assist Brett Eldredge in celebrating his fourth No. 1 single, “Lose My Mind,” which he jointly wrote with Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan. Both were on hand to share in the festivities.

Eldredge was on the move throughout the event. He began by doing print and radio interviews on the bar’s tiny main floor, moved up from there to a substantially smaller second floor room for the TV cameras and then climbed to the thumbnail third-floor balcony to address the people craning their necks from below.

The party was sponsored by BMI, the performance rights organization to which all three songwriters belong.

BMI’s Bradley Collins served as host. He informed the crowd that “Lose My Mind” was Eldredge’s fourth No. 1 as a songwriter, Morgan’s second No. 1 and Copperman’s eighth.

Collins further noted that Eldredge is now touring with Keith Urban and Maren Morris.

Publisher Josh Van Valkenburg, of Sony/ATV Music, stepped forward to commend the three writers and assess their contributions to country music.

Of Morgan he said, “She looks on the bright side [in her songs] but understands the darker side people go through.”

Copperman, Van Valkenburg said, “has altered the sound of the genre. … He’s part of a community that’s constantly pushing the boundaries of what country music can be.”

He was similarly enthusiastic about Eldredge, who, he said, “writes thoughtful lyrics with interesting melodies. What a concept!”

John Esposito, head of Warner Music Nashville, which includes Eldredge’s label, Atlantic Records, announced that every one of the singer’s last five singles have been certified gold or platinum. He also noted that Eldredge will sing his current single, “Drunk on Your Love,” on the Academy of Country Music Awards show Sunday night (April 3).

“It is so crazy how much of a community this town is,” said Eldredge from his lofty perch. “May we never lose this.”

Songwriting, he concluded, is an unpredictable art.

“You just kind of go in there and do what’s in your heart.”

Edward Morris is a veteran of country music journalism. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is a frequent contributor to