See Kelsea Ballerini’s Gorgeous New Video

She's All Grown Up in Peter Pan

Kelsea Ballerini is all grown up — and even more gorgeous than ever — in the stunning new video for her third single, “Peter Pan.”

Shot in the Nevada desert and directed by Kristin Barlowe, Ballerini sings the lyrics with such emotion and a sense of wisdom far beyond her 22 years.

And did we mention the stunning blue gown that flows in the wind? It’s positively cinematic.

Ballerini told Entertainment Tonight that the song is her favorite off her debut album, The First Time, and that this video was the stuff of dreams.

“I’ve been waiting to shoot this video for forever. … It’s my dream video,” she told them on the set last month.

Model Nick Davis co-stars as the handsome love interest with his head in clouds. Well, his entire being is literally in the clouds as he flies away.

Bless his heart. He really must be a “lost boy” to ever leave a beautiful and talented girl like Ballerini in the dust.

Good luck finding Neverland, mister.

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