Party Down South: A Chat With Hott Dogg About Her Baby on Board

Her April Fools' Day Announcement Was No Joke

If you’ve stopped by the Party Down South Facebook page lately, then you’re already heard the biggest bombshell of Season 5: Hott Dogg is pregnant!

Hannah, of course, chose April Fools’ Day to announce the exciting news, telling the world she’s “having a baby wiener!”
We called Hannah up as soon as we heard the news to get the inside scoop.

When did you find out you were pregnant?

I found out around the second week of February. It was a huge shocker!

How did you tell Cody?

I actually waited a couple of days, until after I went to my doctor’s appointment to make sure everything was OK, before I told him. We then met up and I broke the news to him. He was actually very excited.

What was your initial reaction to the news?

I was in complete shock when I first found out that I was pregnant because Cody and I had broken up just about a month before. We weren’t on speaking terms, and I was worried about how he would react to it.

Are you two back together?

We are working on things. Taking it day by day.

When are you due?

My due date is Sept. 19.

We saw the picture you posted celebrating that the baby is boy. Was that a gender-reveal party?

I actually didn’t have a reveal party. Cody and I went in for the ultrasound one morning and found out the sex, then later that day a friend called us to go visit and she had made cupcakes and a banner to surprise us. I didn’t want a reveal party, just a regular baby shower later on.
How did you feel about the news that it’s a boy?

I actually was surprised at first because I had a gut feeling that it was a girl, and so did everyone else. I wanted a girl so badly! Thank god it’s a boy, though, because I’m hearing from everyone that boys are so much easier than girls, so that’s a relief!

Any name ideas?

We’ve been throwing a few names around, but nothing is set in stone yet. We still have a lot of time to decide. But it will definitely be a strong solid name. No sissy name, that’s for sure!

How did your fellow Party Down South castmates respond to the news?

They were all very supportive. Tiffany is so excited and can’t wait to shop for the baby. And, of course, Daddy is ready to funnel with him already! They’re all very excited to add a little nugget to the family.

Is there anything else you want fans to know about this exciting new phase in your life?

Finding out this news changed my life completely. I never thought I would ever be ready for kids, but you just have to take what life gives you and know that everything happens for a reason, and this is such a blessing. The party doesn’t last forever. I mean, I’m 29, so I’m more than ready for this journey and can’t wait to meet the little bambino!

Hannah was also kind enough to send us some adorable pictures of Cody and herself when they were babies.

So we couldn’t help but take a stab at what their future baby might look like. On Halloween.

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