Keith Urban/Carrie Underwood Duet Featured on His New Album

"I’ve Always Loved Singing With Her," Urban Says

I haven’t been this excited about a duet since Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley released “Remind Me.”

But now, Keith Urban has confirmed that it is his turn to sing with her.

“Carrie and I toured together a few years ago and every night we’d do a song together,” Urban said in a press release on Thursday (April 7). “I’ve always loved singing with her.”

“We had written this song, ’The Fighter,’ that needed a female voice, and Carrie’s voice immediately came to mind. I can’t wait for people to hear it and hope that we get to do it live.” he said of the song he wrote with the songwriter known as busbee,

If the busbee name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s written songs for so many artists both inside and outside the genre. Urban himself even cut one of busbee’s songs “All for You” for his 2010 Get Closer album.

“The Fighter” will be on Urban’s Ripcord album due out on May 6.

Another track on the album, “Sun Don’t Let Me Down,” will feature another guest: Pitbull.

“I’ve always loved his vocal style and swagger, and in that moment I could hear his voice in the breakdown of the song. So I called (producer Nile Rodgers) and asked him if he could send the song to Pitbull. Thankfully he felt it, spat out a verse, and it was the most incredible feeling hearing him on the track for the first time,” Urban said. “It suited the spirit of the song.”

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